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Jay Records02.18.971244
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The Threepenny Opera
Donmar Warehouse Cast

Music by Kurt Weill
Lyrics by Bertolt Brecht
Book by Bertolt Brecht

Based on Elisabeth Hauptmann's translation of The Beggar's Opera by John Gay

Description / My Opinion
Amazon.com - Ordered 12/09/98 - Shipped 12/12/98 - Received 01/02/99
The booklet contains 6 B&W medium photos and a note from the musical director (Gary Yershon) about the changes made to the score for this production.
Note that the English translation was done by Robert David MacDonald and the new lyric translations are by Jeremy Sams. It's probably not the best rendition of the Threepenny Opera, have a look at Amazon.com's reviews if you want to read some critics. But I found it quite nice to listen at, even if it was far from a wonderful recording. The score makes me think that in other recordings, the feelings provided by the songs could be much more important. Here, it's just nice, no special feelings.

Update 06-13-2000 I've been listening at this recording more and more, and I've come to a rather different conclusion now. First, I've better understooden the lyrics, and I found them, along with the story, excellent. I've come to appreciate a lot the music also possibly not Weill's better (as I've read some write), but surely a very good music, which perfectly fits the story and the lyrics. The performers also do great. What I hadn't understooden the first time made me think they were just vulgar by nature. But now I understand they are because their characters are. That makes all the difference, and I would say, today that this recording is really excellent. I hope I will soon hear other renditions of the same piece.

Musical Numbers
20:54Peachum's Morning Song (Morning Chorale)Peachum
31:41Kids TodayPeachum, Mrs. Peachum
40:59Gang Song (Wedding Song)Gang
53:29Pirate JennyPolly
62:34Squaddies Song (Cannon Song)MacHeath, Brown, Men
71:40Love DuetMacHeath, Polly
84:48Barbara SongPolly
93:53Life's a Bitch (Dreigroschenfinale)Polly, Peachum, Mrs. Peachum
102:36Melodrama / Polly's SongMacHeath, Polly
113:38The Ballad Of Sexual ImperativeMrs. Peachum
124:44Knocking Shop TangoMacHeath, Jenny
134:16The Flick Knife Song (Moritat)Jenny
142:36Easy Life (Ballade)MacHeath
152:34Jealousy DuetPolly, Lucy
163:22What Keeps A Man Alive? (II Dreigroschenfinale)MacHeath, Peachum, Jenny, Mrs. Peachum, Chorus
171:13What's The Point? (Lied. 17)Peachum
183:20The Socrates Song (Solomonsong)Jenny
190:55A Call From The GraveMacHeath
203:33Ballad In Which MacHeath Begs All Mens' Forgiveness (Grabschrift)MacHeath
215:07Act III FinaleChorus, Brown, MacHeath, Polly, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum
The Cast
Mr. Peachum Tom Mannion
Mrs. Peachum Beverley Klein
Polly Peachum Sharon Small
MacHeath Tom Hollander
Filch Ben Albu
Ned Ben Albu
Matt Simon Walter
Jake Jeremy Harrison
Walt Terence Maynard
PC Smith Terence Maynard
Tiger Brown Simon Dormandy
Lucy Brown Natasha Bain
Jenny Tara Hugo
Rev Kimball Amanda Edwards
Company Kate Edgar
Dawn Michael
Caroline Hall
Kevin Davy
Paul F. Girbow